Berlin gets its first W..for the 2011 season.

The Mavericks have had to Moenchengladbach on Sunday to experience the end of a fantastic series. After four years without a loss and five years after the last game lost at home they have lost to the Berlin Adler with 0:16. This bull has oracle Theobald also the second encounter predicted the Mönchengladbach.

Guests are shown in a hard-fought battle-Defense, that they could ultimately play an experienced and mellowed. With the win never threatened the Berlin Adler Gladbacher Footballer were also the first time with no points. Also, there have been no more since 2007.

1430 spectators were in summer, but also quite windy weather arrived in the hockey park to experience the second appearance of the Vitus urbanites in the first Bundesliga. Both the eagle and the Mavericks were concerned in particular in the first half to ball control. Both defensive lines made no nakedness, holding the opponent’s attack
Far from his own end zone. came 22 seconds before half-time whistle then to the first points on the scoreboard, as the Eagles went through a field goal by Justin Sterz 3-0 lead.

Was overshadowed by the first half was a serious violation of the Gladbach Defensive Ends Stan van Shechem, who draws on himself a severe knee injury and had to be transported to the hospital. In addition, the Mavericks also awarded two more field goals, and thus actually turn six safe areas.

In the third quarter, the Berlin then easily won the upper hand. Because of the early turnovers, the Mavericks had to attack Defense again on the square. There is also the injury-related absence of Christian Mohr and Anthony Doghmi took hold. After a solid yet varied series of attacks the eagle then stood with the U.S. ball carrier Tory Cooper for the first time 0:9 into the end zone of the bulls. The Gladbach in turn awarded again with a faded field goal a good way to get back into the game to find.

Middle of the fourth quarter then repeated the scene. Again it was the Berlin attack with ball carrier Cooper, who secured the points for 12:16, including a valid extra point attempt (Justin Sterz). The Mavericks tried again to bring forward countable, but eventually they ran out of time.

After the match were the Head Coaches Dave Linkins (eagle) and Walter Rohlfing (Mavericks) agreed that the offense of the Mavericks, the game has been out of hand. Sun Rohlfing said after the game: “It was the expected heavy game. The Berliners were very well prepared and we did not succeed with our attack on the other hand to hold. We had many unhappy moments, but they have now decided the game. ”

And sporting director Maroan Wahab continued: “Our offense has still not produced simply. There were too many mental errors. We have noted that the Berliners are more experienced. Which are more occurred as a team. We will now analyze and stop the errors. ”

For this, the Mavericks have then not too much time, as with the New York Lions on Saturday already, the next hard lumps is coming up.


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