Boehhme leads the Unicorns pass the Phantoms 33-7

Before the new record crowd of 2,300 spectators, the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns received on Easter Monday, the Wiesbaden Phantoms for the first home appearance in the Bundesliga season 2011. In the end they could celebrate a deserved victory 33:7.

“We had concerns that would come on holiday just a few viewers,” says Heike Unicorns-Treasurer Ehrenfried. Accordingly, the Unicorns were surprised managers that they could celebrate at home first in the GFL 2011 season on Easter Monday a new record. 2300 spectators found their way into the stadium Hagenbach and made sure that had to be switched off during the last quarter of the grill.

The stadium was rewarded by a visit to the impressive showing Haller Bundesliga. They were the movers superior in all respects and granted them in phases even a lesson in attacking football. So beautiful right after the kickoff, as Hall’s offense half of the field with four precisely to the ten-yard mark precisely calibrated passports from quarterback Aaron Boehme wildfire bridged. Waldemar Schander that would score three touchdowns on Monday, it was then subject to one run over 29 yards of the 6:0 to achieve.

Wiesbaden had to put that pressure to not more accommodating. Their most agile and most conspicuous player was in the first half quarterback Kevin Brueckner. He erlief most yards himself, but had problems in the passing game. By Marius Marquis on the playmaker position were the pass attack the Hessians in the second half much more successful and managed the Phantoms are closer to the end zone to get close-Unicorns. The touchdown should honor them succeed but still only in the last quarter, when the host is the second sent to guard the place.

The TSG-Footballer acted with a compact defense that knew how to control the running game score completely. Only in the second half crept a few lapses of concentration one. The Haller success came by but never in danger.

After the 6-0 lead from Schander Hambalek to put Thomas in the first quarter. A 40-yard pass from Aaron Boehme, he turned to the 13-0 lead (PAT Christian DeVincentis). In the second quarter then turned Schander’s second touchdown (PAT DeVincentis) 20:0 ago the break state.

The preliminary decision came shortly after half time. Wiesbaden had prepared the quarterback under Marius Marquis up to the Hall 10-yard line. But there was a fumble secure prey by Simon Halls burner, so called his offense back on the court. The could not be asked twice and soon after she was found again on the Hessian 18-yard line. Head Coach Siegfried Gehrke was now with a screen pass from Boehme to Schander exactly the right move and run his team to move to 26:0 it.

The rest was consolation. Brian Rushing increased for the Unicorns with a remarkable 20-yard run on 33:0 (PAT DeVincentis), followed by the Unicorns the backups got their chance. Wiesbaden could succeed the touchdown pass from Marquis of Richard Eden (PAT Patrick Ihl) to 33:7 final score.

“The first half I am very satisfied,” TSG-Head Coach Siegfried Gehrke said after the game. “We have not underestimated the riser and played very concentrated. In addition, we have clearly conceded less criminal yards than last still in Berlin “For the last quarter, said Gehrke,”. For the young and some new players in our team it is important to gain experience and learn how it feels before to play a large backdrop. For the last quarter was perfect today. ”


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