Bandits make way with the Diamonds!!!!!

The team of the Darmstadt Diamonds begin their second division 2011 season with a defeat. On Easter Sunday they were defeated in the local public park north of the Rhine-Neckar Bandits with 16:21 (7:0, 3:8, 0:6, 6:7). The Darmstadt points achieved Lukas Auerbach (6 points), Frank Grimm (6 points) and Chris Althoff (4 points).

Here, the game started great for the hosts: The first series of the Bandits attack could be stopped at the center line, the playmaker Frank Grimm was able to take for the Darmstadt. He first served Andreas Gebek with a 17-meter passing and threw a short time later a 36-meter touchdown pass to junior talent Luke Auerbach to lead 7-0 (extra point Christian Althoff).

When you return, it became clear that the brunt of the attack was guest on the shoulders of national player Danny Washington. The erlief at the Mannheimer quarterback used a total of 230 Washington 188-meter run and was also responsible for the entire 21 yards passing. Nevertheless, fell the first guest touchdown not by him. Washington wanted to sprint from the 5-meter line from the Darmstadt end zone, but he was beaten three feet from the finish of Diamonds defender Patrick Karolewiez the ball from his hands. The happiness was the Mannheimer but true, because the game unit was stationed to the right place Manuel Rapp in his hands to 6:7. A successful two-point conversion on a pass from Washington to Sven Hammer brought the 8:7 guide for Rhein-Neckar.

The following kick-off was Sebastian Biolik spectacular 88 meters far back into the opponent’s end zone, but because of an infraction, an opponent of the touchdown was no recognition by the referee. Nevertheless, conquered the Footballer of the Darmstadt TSG in the guide. After running play by Daniel Baumann and Andreas Fischer-Wenz of the well was re-launched Frank Grimm Lukas scene in Auerbach, who could catch a 54 meter wide ball. The mid-term management of 10:8 then scored a field goal by Chris Althoff from 27 feet away.

In the second half of the first specific defense ranks the game. Finally, could Diamonds defender Dominic Schreiber characterized that could intercept a long pass from Danny Washington. The joy lasted long at the Darmstadt, however, because immediately after happening Diamonds quarterback Grimm the same misfortune – but this time was the Mannheim Ruben Zutavern the interception for a touchdown to 10:14 directly guide for the guests back.

Now the game went into its decisive phase: Darmstadt wanted to get the lead. With runs and a strike by Andreas Baumann worked it up in front of the opponent’s 7-meter line. There was a momentous misfortune: the ball passing playmaker Grimm Derrick Gurley went wrong, and a guest player could bring the ball under his control. As soon after Washington took advantage of a gap in the Diamonds-defense to a 74-meter-long touchdown run, it suddenly 21:10 for Mannheim.

Now the hosts ran out of time. You could shorten by a touchdown run by Frank Grimm (who scored a total of 210 yards gained by passing room) to 16:21, but the subsequent onside kick failed. The Bandits were now burning anything and let the clock run out.

You could see on both teams that it was the first game of the season. Many errors and lapses of concentration on both sides led to a total of almost 400 meters penalties for the two teams. The Diamonds have been another opportunity next Saturday to enter their first win. Then one receives in the local public park north of 16 clock the Frankfurt Pirates.


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