Hurricanes??? No just a small tropical storm for the Cowboys !!!!!

Less than a 17:15 victory at home to promoted celebrated the Munich Cowboys Saarland Hurricanes. Here the 774 people watched a game in the sunshine on more moderate level.

In the first quarter, it was linebacker Neuger Bastian, who was able to secure after a blocked Puntsituation the ball in the end zone of the Saarland, thus bringing his team 7-0 ahead.

In the second quarter kicker Denis Gabriel, a 44-yard field goal was for the interim leadership of the Munich Cowboys 10-0. The guests did not give away the game simple and quarterback Antwan Smith Philipp Lorentz was serving 7:10 connector. With this game we went into the break.

In the third game section, the accumulated bad passes on both sides. Neither team was able to prevail decisively.
The final quarter was then ready for the spectators a few interesting scenes. First Munich scored by running back Jerome Morris with a 7-yard run to 17:7. Then threw on the other side Antwan Smith, a precise 9-yard pass to Torrance Brown. With the subsequent successful 2-point conversion, the final result was determined from 17:15 for the hosts.

In the press conference after the game mourned Hurricanes head coach Thorsten Scherer the game somewhat, which in his view would not have to be lost. However, he saw his weak offense, which has ultimately led to negative results. Munich Cowboys Head Coach Phil Hickey highlighted the good performance of their own defense, said he had seen while improving the receiver in the attack. Veteran Albert Lange Bartels added that the defense had acted as a team and had thus enabling the victory.

Ultimately, it should be noted that the Munich Cowboys with two wins from a Interconference away in Essen and the first home game against
ambitious climbers from the Saarland in the 2011 season started out perfectly. The matches now have two more home games are on the program in which a victory for the Munich Cowboys do not seem impossible. Hence, it could be from the perspective of the Munich a very interesting series.


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