Blackhawk down !!!!!!!!!

Thus the Plattling Blackhawks had not presented their home debut in front of 500 spectators. Against last year’s GFL Südmeister Marburg Mercenaries, there was a surprise place a hefty 0:42 claps and the fans in the stands saw a “Joe Clark Show.” Almost single-handedly cut the running back of the enemies of Hesse and marked up at half time all offensive touchdowns and 188 yards in 10 attempts.

Hatten is the Plattling Blackhawks with their offensive game in the past duels with the Mercenaries have always fought honorably, and even once won 2009 52:49, so this time there was a real lesson. From the beginning, the balance of power was made clear. This proved the central Hesse, 2011 that they also are among the favorites in the South and GFL Plattling looked like a team fighting for the survival and the league needs.

While the Blackhawks have the first attack of the Mercenaries series still stop at the 50 yard line, but they were themselves in turn made little progress. There were then the first real appearance of RB Joe Clark, who tucked the ball under his arm and 55 yards later was in the end zone of Plattling. Plattling was here but at least the other hand, still hold. In a long series led QB Adam Hazel, who showed in his GFL return an excellent game, his team across the field to the 1 yard line of the Mercenaries. But just as the formal compensation was in the air, it happened: a quarterback sneak by Adam Hazel backfires. Hazel gets the ball properly under control and Fabian Tischkau is the one who secures the ball for Marburg.

Clark bypassed again in the next attempt 55 yards, then he carries the ball is still only 18 yards forward before passing it shortly after the beginning of the 2nd Quarter from 11 yards with again in the end zone. Plattling tried again and again to answer Hazel leads his team in the middle of the field, before a deep pass to the American in the 28 yard line of the Mercenaries of U.S. import Ryan Bass will be caught and that he has 72 yards to 0:21 in the end zone with.

Then run with the Black Hawks together not much. A crashed on Punt 2 yards by Sebastian Borowski Mercenaries gives the ball to the 33 yard line of the hosts. A short pass over 12 yards from QB Jo Ullrich of Philip Prohaska prepares the next touchdown run by Clark, this time for 21 yards in front.

points to the Blackhawks had but definitely still. Just before the break, Hazel had led his team to the 18 yard line of the Mercenaries. Given the 12:28 residue could have thought that, would that ever be enough points for the hosts, but Hazel wanted more. An available receiver in the end zone he tried in the 4th try to find, but rather find him defending the Marburg and Steffen Pöttgen thanks to a quarterback sack.

In the second half, not much happened. Plattling was made efforts, but controlled the game Marburg sovereign in all areas. A fumble by Sebastian Borowski, who served temporarily as a running back, is saved by Sean at 0:42 Averhoff final score, what the moral of the hosts finally broke shortly before the end.


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