Week 3 GFL macth up’s !!!!! What top team will fall this week ????

23.04.Assindia Cardinals – Düsseldorf Panther 15:00, Am Hallo ( Panters by 10)

23.04.Plattling Black Hawks – Marburg Mercenaries 15:00, Karl-Weinberger-Stadion ( Marburg by 14)

24.04.Braunschweig – Dresden Monarchs 15:00, Stadion Hamburger Straße( Loins by 7)

24.04.Munich Cowboys – Saarland Hurricanes 15:00, Dante-Stadion ( Canes by 7)

25.04.Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns – Wiesbaden Phantoms 16:00, Hagenbachstadion ( Unicorns by 3)

Marburg opens the season vs the Black Hawks on the road in the deep south this weekend, most have counted the Hawks out but as you see anything can happen any giving week. Marburg has been a long time power in the south and with this years team i think they again will be looking to hold up a south championship. I see their biggest test this year in the south being the Unicorns. The Unicorns are coming off a strong win vs Berlin and look to keep rolling but with a very big chip on the shoulder of the Phantoms i think this game will be a very very close call for both teams. As for the Panthers game up north, they will be to strong for Essen.


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