Mavericks just 2 much for the Canes!!!!!!

The Mönchengladbach Mavericks have convinced all at its premiere in the GFL and defeats the Saarland Hurricanes 43:14. 1.542Besucher had come to the Warsteiner Hockey Park and saw at first only once scattered singing a lot and two direct intermediate, where the nervousness was noted. Some, like the saying goes, unnecessary fouls slowed from both teams. The visitors won the coin toss and received the ball, could not exploit this further. But then Punter Lois Strong was the egg up to the 3-yard line of the hosts. This quarterback Fabian Schorn had his love of work and at the second attempt after running back Rodney Kinlaw, the egg had passed, this was brought into the end zone on a case-in and it was 0-2 in Gladbach view.

Even after that bridged the Hurricanes again soon with your top players quarterback Antwan Smith and running back Torrance Brown the field. Only when the strong Gladbach had adjusted Defense, beat the Bulls. First, defender Christian Mohr snapped after losing possession of the football team Saarland egg and carried it into the end zone. Then took the offensive with
Their strong playing quarterback Fabian Schorn into the game. Again by the Saarland forced to punt from their own end zone, he threw a 97-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Christian Lohmar to clear 13:2 lead. Well, the bulls come from the hooves and could no longer take the lead. Running Back Rodney Kinlaw and kicker Arek Soberski built the lead safe from 23:2 to half-time.

With the kick-off for the third quarter and then the nervousness of the team was gone, for now noticeably less flew flags. Right at the start saw Rodney Kinlaw then again for the next points to the Hurricanes again charges a sign of life and per running play of Kwame Aygin shortened to 29:8. Gladbach countered again with Kinlaw, who erlief his third touchdown to 36:8. Then the last time the sides were changed.

The fighting devoted and passionate players from the Saarland capital but did not give up. With the start of the fourth quarters they lay down a good offensive series and were approached by Raphael Kopp at 14:36. But the Mavericks quickly put the old spacing. A 30-yard pass from well-launched and finished for his first GFL game very secure operating quarterback Fabian Schorn on receiver Chris spice in the Hurricanes-end zone. Kicker Arek Soberski continued with the successful PAT, the 43rd 14-set final.

After the game exhibited Mavericks head coach Walter Rohlfing his players a good testimony: “We deserved to win, even if we have taken so long. It was our first game in the Bundesliga. In preparation for games we had decided not to vote and therefore still had to identify problems. However, we have made the difficult Lebenmit many penalties themselves. We have to work, for our next opponent, the Euro Bowl champion Berlin Adler stands, with two defeats now have our backs to the wall and will be motivated against us special. “


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