2010 co champs off to a 0-2 start, trouble in the capital!!

Since 2005, Schwäbisch Hall on Saturday was back in Berlin for the first time, Jahn Park left as the winner. By the 34:17 win over the Berlin Adler Unicorns celebrate thanks to offensive fireworks and a surprisingly strong defense to a dream start into the new season.

A moment of shock, the Unicorns had to survive on Saturday in the fourth quarter. After their touchdown connection to the Berlin 17:27 kicked the ball into the half and Justice Joslin Hall picked up the ball for the Unicorns. He wanted to fight for more yards, beat the egg, however – for the second time that day!

The eagle got so the ball immediately back to the 30 yard line of the Unicorns. They feared that the worst: If Hall give an already certain victory against a top team from the north again? The hopes of the Berlin ended but Hall’s Jonathan Ziegner in the very first turn of the hosts: the pass from quarterback Clint Toon Berlin, he started from. So that the historic victory of Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns was sealed in Berlin.

Both teams started well. Respectively in the first Angriffszug First Hall went through a run of Waldemar Schander 6-0 and then the host Eagles 7-6 (run by Tory Cooper, Justin Sterz PAT) in the lead. Everything indicated that the two offensive series would determine the action. In the end, but the Unicorns-Defense, which was revealed in the game against the Franken Knights still significant weaknesses, grow out of. Unicorns Head Coach Siegfried Gehrke after the game: “The defense has overwhelmed me today.”

In the next drive, the Unicorns were marching across the field. Just before the goal line but receiver Justice Joslin lost after a caught pass the ball to the Berlin Defense. The guest-defense but now had the power running back Tory Cooper, who was very reminiscent of last year’s Berlin Talib Wise, better control and cut off points in Berlin. Surprisingly, it revealed the Berlin attack Weaknesses: Some Snaps (handoffs) were too high, so quarterback Toon came under pressure.

The Unicorns-Offense acted very safe. The variable of play with passes from Aaron Boehme turns on John and Felix Brenner, Thomas Hambalek and Justice Joslin Hall was for the Eagle defense ausrechenbar difficult. The next attempt was the underdog Haller its nearest point success: a 20-yard pass to Felix Brenner brought the Unicorns 14:7 (Conversion Justice Joslin) in front. The eagle came before the half time again the ball and marched across the field. But for a touchdown, it was not enough. Only a field goal for 10:14 Berlin could not achieve.

After the break back last year’s runner-up came from the capital of the ball. Their hope for a guide but ended Safety Bruno Michitti with his first of two interceptions. Then Hall increased his lead fast and safe passes with two touchdowns in 27:17. Waldemar Schander (PAT Hannes Dierolf) and the outstanding John Brenner scored. By many sentences of the Berlin Defense Haller came again approached the unicorns (touchdown pass to Lars Samjeske). In the following, led the Eagles the chance to get hold of three points, but ended it with his Ziegner interception.

All right then Aaron Boehme did with his second touchdown pass to John Brenner. 34:17 The leadership paralyzed the Berlin so much that they had to collect even a fourth interception by the highly acclaimed by Gehrke rookie cornerback Timothy White.

After the final whistle it seemed as it may think the clear winner of the day which hardly. Not even the Hall Head Coach: “Of course I liked it, but that was not expected.” The performance on offense rated Gehrke even as expandable. But it is clear: After many years suggests Schwäbisch Hall finally once again one of the great teams from the North. And with a team performance that would have to start the season no one expected.

16.04. Berlin Adler – Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns 17:34 shocker

16.04.Wiesbaden Phantoms – Düsseldorf Panthers 0:17

16.04.Mönchengladbach M. – Saarland H 43:14

17.04.Assindia Cardinals – Munich Cowboys 15:18 shocker


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