4th Liga Dukes shocks Blackhawks (all IN !!!!!!)

The spectators in the stadium of TV 1861 Ingolstadt enjoyed under great conditions, the pre-season game against the Dukes of the 4th liga and GFL’s south Plattling Black Hawks.

The game was launched due to the delayed arrival of some players with 15 minutes delay. This is the initial momentum of both teams, however, did not diminish. After kickoff by the guests, the Ingolstadt first tried with variable running game and made some good yards. Missing vote of the owners was at an early fumble that could secure the Blackhawks. Quickly switched to the Lower Bavaria and convinced at the outset with some precise passes by their quarterback Adam Hazel, which had almost led to the first touchdown. When catching the ball, the receiver was in the opinion of the referee, however, already out of bounds, so it was more in the 0-0. It was reserved for Dukes kicker Mark Gmeiner, to achieve a 35-yard field goal the first points for the 3-0 lead Bayern division.

In the second quarter increased the Lower Bavaria and the pressure generated as a result of two touchdowns on the expected 14:3-guided tour. Ingolstadt was however not impressed. Playmaker Travis Harvey with a precise pass found wide receiver Sam Schuerenberg, so it went with 10:14 at the break.

After the break, the GFL team was initially alert and put the old point distance by another touchdown for the interim 21:10 restores. The game seemed so decided in the third quarter. But the home side were always better in turn.

In the final section achieved wide receiver Sammy Farghali nice pass from Harvey to the 17:21. Then succeeded linebacker Manuel Schmid art one interception. Despite interim confusion he succeeded in getting the ball with a spirited run in the end zone of Plattling. The surprising, but certainly deserved final score of 31:21 scored Dukes running back Derrick Wilson with another run in the end zone of the Black Hawks. The guests who had traveled with minimal instrumentation, went with increasing playing time appreciably the air. Plattling quarterback Adam Hazel had some times flash up in his class passing game.

For the Ingolstadt Dukes game was a very good test as a prelude to a serious league season against Bayern Munich favorite teams like Rangers and Königsbrunn Ants. “We want to thank Plattling for this very good way to check. The result we will not overestimate, especially since it comes in a preparation game for other things. It is our heaviest season ahead of us. We can be pleased with the performance level of our team in preparation. “Said Peter Ingolstadt Dukes Head Dasch. The game revealed some errors in the vote passing the Ingolstadt. However, the offense was highly variable and potential. adjusted well presented the Defense of the owners. The players offered the Bundesliga stand up and put the opposing quarterback in many situations under pressure.


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