Berlin drops opener to Kiel

The conditions for both teams appeared before the kickoff of the season-opener quite different. On the part of the Vice Master were missing the new arrivals from Potsdam, due to a change of protection after the retreat of the Royals were not operational and by the many team changes and new signings in Coachesbereich from the capital were regarded as the great unknown before the first match. Nevertheless, saw Kiel head coach Patrick ESUM not in the favorite role, and warned against unnecessary arrogance: "Even with new coaches and some new players they are still runners and Acting € Bowl champion. The core of the team has remained and still one of the strongest German player tribes in the country. "The few visible Canes problems were on the other ahead of the game on the defensive line to search, since the absence was from the injured DL Tim Egdmann not to compensate so quickly.

Despite this sign of the start of the season developed more exciting, as it were aware of around 4081 spectators before the first kickoff. With 48:41 was the first win of the season from close friends and football games should get more aggressive on both sides at their expense. The Kiel Neueinkauf Michael Andrew was accordingly immediately after the kick-off on the first drive and his ability erlief to the delight of fans Kiel over 59 yards the first touchdown. But spectacular replied the eagle, and running back Tory Cooper replied by return post. His return even reached the three yard line of the hosts and the new playmaker of Berlin, Clint Toon, the game machine was the last yards. In the first quarter to put the Canes again and gave gas to get back to take the lead. Keel quarterback served with a 15-yard touchdown pass to his new receiver Aaron Love 13:7 and again in the Schleswig-Holstein were exchange of blows between the German champion and the Euro Bowl champion the lead.

In the second quarter got the offensive drive of both teams are not in power and wealth, both teams were part but stopped by the respective opposing defenses rarely. Rarely does not mean never, as in the second round was Michael Andrew gefumbelt and Berlin quickly into the position of the attacker raised his arm to strike back. A 50-yard touchdown pass from Toon to Danilo Gonzales Naranjo showed that quality had bought the eagle as a new quarterback and how much force the following opponents have set yet. Until the break inspired the audience to attack other beautiful passages, but provided no discernible advantage for both teams. The attack rights were each converted into countable points. The Defender remained lackluster on both sides and did not attack very effectively into the game.

After the break it seemed at first as if the guests had brought from the river Spree with the larger reserves on the fjord. Tory Michael Andrew Cooper copied and ran freely over 70 yards to lead 33:27. In the following drive proved Berlin DB Paul Eichinger, that he brought back from the locker room, the right attitude to turn the game in favor of the incumbent Vice-Master. His interception was intercepted by the Eagles once again approached the Red Zone of the Canes. Clint Toon needed two additional attempts to bring the score with 41:27 in front and to the amazement of the audience Kiel.

The surprise, however, should not last long in their faces. Catches of two keel Aaron Love for 48 and 64 yards and now acting aggressively Canes-Defense led to the 41:41-balancing and a showdown in the final minute of the third quarter. worked from their own five-yard line, Julian Ampaw and Michael Andrew on the field and the latter athlete scored the final point of the game, which now was again surprisingly decided before the last round. The Berlin tried but in the last quarter with long passes to turn the game again, but an interception, caught by Chris May, who recently moved from the University of Eastern Michigan in the Firth of Kiel defeated, the Berlin plan. The same was also the Finn Efe Evwarae and Matthias Eck, which fended off two more passes and created the first stage of victory of the German master.


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