17-17 tie for Wiesbaden and Stuttgart

In the first half, both teams tried to run mainly with the profit margin achieved. But the defenses on both sides gave only little room for the ball carrier to develop. In time both tryed by air, but lacked the necessary precision or a suitable pass receiver. Significantly for the game were the first points, achieved by the Wiesbaden Phantoms with the half time whistle with a field goal. The announcement in the cabin of the trainers of the guests seemed to have been effective. For the second half turn in the two climbers was the first time in the GFL in the end zone again. To the surprise of the fans in the stands, the Phantoms played cheeky now and concentrate on the game and got more and more under control. Consequently, in this phase was the second touchdown and it appeared to be a big surprise to pave the Waldau.

But now the home side showed why they have reached 13 years in a row the playoffs. After a short pass bridged Raphael Schneider half the field and its points way forward for a strong comeback. erlief the connection Daniel Polk, the new playmaker in the U.S., even from close range. Half of the last quarter the home side the opportunity for the first time had to take the lead on this evening. But the defense score was still strongly against it and so had kicker Sascha Wurster onto the pitch and scored the equalizer for the Stuttgart Scorpions. In the remaining game time again dominated on both sides defending series and neither team could put more profitable accents to win the game for themselves.

It was an exciting evening at the Waldau, where both teams fought for every inch of ground. The attack of the Scorpions came late to roll right and launched a major comeback in the second half. Was not rewarded at the end. Thus, the two teams parted that evening with a performance-draw. The climbers from Wiesbaden showed that he will be good in shape for some surprises in the GFL. On the part of the Scorpions now remain three weeks to continue working in the vote.

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