Phantoms ready for 2011 GFL debut !!!

We have worked hard in the winter and now we hope that this hard work pays off, “says Sven Gloss this season, head coach of the Wiesbaden Phantoms before the first game of the season his team at the Stuttgart Scorpions.” With the Scorpions, we also have quite a lump in his face, because the team I count the best in the GFL South and is surely not come without reason for 13 years, always in the playoffs. ”

This is what the leaders of the Phantoms this game as a kind of initial assessment, because only then can you assess where the team stands. “We have a lot of young players and play our first season in the GFL. The leap from the GFL 2 for GFL is strong and keep up, we hope to be able to. But one way or another swatter can be very instructive for our young team. At least it will not be any games where we are a clear favorite. I think we are fighting against relegation and at the last place in the playoffs. The league is a realistic goal, everything else would be a nice extra, “said the coach of the Phantoms further.

While in the highest German league’s commitment to U.S. service providers is already almost a daily occurrence, they think not much in Wiesbaden. “It is difficult to convey that to get our players all anything, yes even pay membership fees and then individuals would be paid by the club. We have long played in the GFL 2 and are there often just failed because of the rise, as the competition with an American service provider could have run up that made the difference. Now we’re promoted to the GFL on our philosophy and do not change anything. Of course, it may be that we see this differently next year when we first GFL have gained experience. ”

Therefore, it is not surprising that Wiesbaden is go with a QB trio in the season. QB Mark Graf, the playmaker of the season will rise, taking turns with it Returnees Guido Reul and newcomer Kevin Brüngel. “Who will play in Stuttgart from the start, I do not know yet. We will choose the safe from game to game, because all of our quarterbacks have different strengths that the enemy can cause problems. Should one of the three on the power drop her from the others, we must consider new, but I think we all have three games this season, “said his planning Gloss

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