GFL 2011 The road to the Bowl !!!!!

As the GFL season draws closer teams prepare to play friendly games is the next weeks. This year in the GFL the North seems to be the stronger division with defending GFL champs Keil and the runner up Berlin. Along with those two powers follow Braunschweig, Dresden, Assindia, and new comers Düsseldorf, and Mönchengladbach. Even with the loss of some key players the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes looks to have rebounded very well on paper with some big time signings over the offseason. As they come off a 14 game win streak along with the GFL Championship they look to get back there in 2011 as well as take the 2011 Euro Cup the Canes are ranked # 1 in Europe. Their first test will be 4-23 vs the Carlstad Crusaders ranked #4 in the European polls. Also trying to get back to the German bowl will be the Adlers of Berlin. Berlin has also lost some players and coaches but with new comers Clint Toon at QB and Tory Cooper RB the Adler’s O will still be a power to stop. Rounding out our top 3 in the North is the Mönchengladbach Mavericks. As for the GFL South the Marburg Mercenaries looks to be the stronger team. With the signings of Joe Clark, Ryan Bass, Rocky Ciasulli, and Sergio Villasnor Marburg looks to make yet another run as the South Champs out right this year, as well having their goal set to make it to the GB. The Schw.Hall Unicorns will also be a strong team in the south lead by former Linfield QB Aaron Boehme. Hall spilt the South title with Marburg in 2010. As for the 3rd top team in the south it’s a tossup between, Wiesbaden Phantoms and the Saarland Hurricanes. In 2010 the Canes beat the Phantoms in two games but only by a total of 6 points. The Pantoms has a new staff as well as a few new players and for the Canes they have added a few weapons as well. Rounding out the south are the Plattling Bl.Hawks, Stuttgart Scorpions, and the Munich Cowboys.


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