Spain’s #1 L’Hospitalet Pioners 7-0 will be tested by 4-1 Valincia this weekend!!!

Hugo Solo took a 85 yard kickoff return run in the first minutes of play to the first point and opened up the touchdown dance. From the passivity of the guests also benefited QB Andrew Robinson, who then should not prevent a 63-yard pass to fire Sergio Velez, and led 13-0. While Las Rozas on the next possession, the play equipment had to give up later after a fumble short time back, took Rafa Todoli this renewed chance for the hosts to improve the outcome for 31 yards, reaching the opponent’s end zone. Even within the first Quarters succeeded Albert Fernandez to catch a bad snap and the Demons to score to 26:0.

In the second half, was the dynamic offensive game continues the Spanish master. Fernandez was once again pitted the defense of the Black Demons and overcome Todoli achieved at the end of the game yet his third touchdown of the day.

The Pioners are ranked #60 in the european poll they will face the 4-1 Valancia Firebats on 26-3-2011 they beat the firebats early in the season 40-14.


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