Players and coaches of the Austrian national team came together for the first time this year to practice for the World Championship..This will be a very strong team!!!!!

Three more practice camps are scheduled for Team Austria until the start of the IFAF World Championship in summer. The practice camps will be held in the city of Innsbruck in May, in Vienna in June and in the city of Wolfsberg in July.

Right after the team camp in June, the annual Charity Bowl test match will be played at Hohe Warte stadium in Vienna. This will be the only regular test match for the Austrian national team before the start the IFAF World Championship.

This year, Team Austria will be play the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology from the United States in Charity Bowl XIII. You can find more information on the website

Florian Grein, Running back: “The first national team camp was very important for us players. We have not been together as a team since the European Championship in Frankfurt last summer. So it was good seeing each other again. We had a good time.”

Rick Rhoades, Head coach: “This was a very good first meeting I guess. Everyone was in a very good shape. The players had fun and we were able to go through the most important plays and fundamentals.”


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