Flash leading the way at 6-0 and ranked #32 in Europe

La Courneuve Flash leads in the French league. They remain the measure of all things. Against St-Ouen l’Aumone Cougars was the reigning champion of the “Championship elite ” to a safe 34:13 ultimately success. Only the first drive, the Cougars were able to keep up with the game of football player from La Courneuve and get the interim 7-0 lead. But then they were crushed formally. On average, the flash with every play offense scored more than ten yards of extra space.

The continuing success of the Footballer of the southern suburb of Paris is no accident. The player of the Seline open weigh on average 140 kg and thus create their playmaker again time to pass and their running backs the holes. With four former pros in the NFL Europe – two Americans and two Franco-American – La Courneuve is well taken. Marc Angelo Soumah, Laurent Marceline and Patrice Kancel in the French play, three players who were already active here in Germany. Only at the end, the Cougars were allowed to score again. But that was then just a little correction to the result 13:34.

The Flash will play @ (2-3) Elancourt 16-4-2011 last meeting of coruse went the way of the Flash 19-0.

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