Want to go to the CFL??

The truth is a free agent must show the CFL teams that he is a football player. Never in a football game do you line up and run a forty yard dash, nor do you ever lay down and do a bench press! These are drills that are great for training, but do not tell if you are a pro football player! How can you a free agent show us he has talent? Put the pads on! You must show us that you can play football. We do not care about a 40 yard dash,bench press,or your cone drill time. We need the best players! The cost is less than attending a combine tryout: where all you do is run a forty and some drills(plus this can be written of on taxes/see your tax person) Most of you spend over $1000 to attend a couple of combines each year-just to run a forty,and never get in front of a coach: What if the coach came to you? WE DO!
Never before have you had the chance to showcase your football skills(with pads on) for a team in one place.The workout are regional as to help lower the travel cost for you.The cost are a business write Invest in yourself this only shows the team that you really are a professional football player.
The teams will see you, talk to you that day. If you want to play profootball,are you really that good…then why are you a free agent? PROVE IT! OTHERS HAVE!



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