Olaf Fries joins the National Team!!!

Due to the cancellation of a previously nominated player had to coach the national team to quickly find a replacement of equal value in terms of performance, which was obvious. They chose to Olaf Fries – stands as a pass receiver in the service of the Langenfeld Longhorns.

His football career with the Longhorns started Fries in 2005, although all signs pointed to another success. Even in football, he could face from 1994 to 2004, successfully managed the test and even here the leap to the crew of the Lower Rhine-selection. But motivated by a good friend, he precipitated his decision to stand in the future in the ranks of the Langenfeld Longhorns and want to play. In order to pursue his passion fully able, Fries studied at the Sport University of Cologne in the meantime the second half Sport Sciences in the “Bachelor of Science in Sport and Performance.

“In between, it is difficult to bring football and studying under one roof. But even if I sometimes do not to train manage to know the coaches that I keep myself fit, because in the” SpoHo “I have an ideal training environment,” Fries says. “The talent is just in it. From the first training session we realized what a huge potential for it and he and we used well,” said sporting director Michael Langenfeld Hap. “For me it was only a matter of time before it creates the next leap in the men’s national team,” continued Hap.

Olaf Fries and Daniel Berg was in the days of their youth careers, the flagship of the length fields of young talent. Thus, the two ambitious athletes the colors of the Longhorns in 2005 and 2006 represented together in the junior national team and took the 2006 European Vice Champion title to Germany. So it is no coincidence that at this time the Longhorns Junior’s promotion to the highest German division, which managed GFLJ.


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