Record-breaking running back Sean Cooper a Braunschweig Lions in 2011

Sean Cooper, who led the GFL with the Marburg Mercenaries in 2009 in rushing yards (3,197) and touchdowns (43) also had 267 yards in receptions and another TD. Against the Dresden Monarchs in the 2009 German quarterfinals, he rushed for an amazing 363 yards (9.9 yards per carry) and seven touchdowns,in what some say was the most amazing playoff game seen in the GFL as the lead change more than a few times and the game ended in 3 Over times.

In 2008, his first year in the GFL with Marburg, Cooper rushed for 2,042 yards and 18 TDs. He returned to Germany in 2010 with the Magdeburg Virgin Guards (GFL2) and gained 2,022 yards on the ground while scoring 22 touchdowns.

In his three seasons in Germany Cooper has rushed 883 times for 7,382 yards and 83 touchdowns averaging 8.3 yards a carry. Speaking with former team mates of Cooper they all tell the same as he’s one of the most hardest working guys they’ve every been around , he also has a high than normal drive to win that not all players have. We will see what 2011 brings.


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