Still it is not clear which will have two NFL teams in 2011, the honor of the British metropolis of a regular season game to dispute. Due to the principle of rotation in particular, again depending on a team from the AFC and the NFC, which has not yet made this trip, the narrower the selection. In previous years, no later than the Super Bowl out who should schedule the transatlantic trip, this year there are still no announcement. The most likely possibility is at present therefore: no team in 2011 to travel to London and falls from the NFL International game in London.

This at least puts more and more in the realm of possibility that the longer there is no agreement in the dispute over the new collective bargaining agreement between team owners and the NFL players union PA. So for the time, several options are being examined to decide the procedure, if from the 3rd should come March for the strike.

For the annual game in London, there are therefore currently several options:
– The game is canceled in the absence of adequate preparation time for the teams
– The game will be pushed from late October into November or December
– It relies on the educational benefits of the past four years and organized the game at short notice

Would be expensive to get a cancellation of the NFL International Games certainly the NFL. Especially the last season was the most successful season in League history in the UK. The audience for the Super Bowl there were never more than now and the investment in this market seem more and more pay. Now take a step back, would the trust of the fans, sponsors and co-organizers for the NFL and would not promote just thrown back a few years.


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