Competitive sports director Marshall Happer has 45 players for the friendly match of the German national team on 5 March in Turin and the preceding three-day preparation camp in the sports school in Frankfurt nominated. Two subsequent nomination, there will be yet, but it is clear now that the team will have many items on a new face and we will use the Italians the opportunity to try out new versions of the composition.

The time of game six weeks before the start of the GFL season plays his role, even that after winning the European Championship title for the national team, a new planning cycle begins, should be at the end of four years defending the title. Reaching for the stars at the World Championships in Austria (8 to 16 July 2011) is indeed a dream, and the football we know a lot is possible – but coaches and players are realistic enough to go into this tournament with the goal to defend the status as the best European team. Where, in view of the groups here but his fate has not so completely in his own hand.

Some new assistant coach to go with also on the trip, and have begun the selection of players to show their handwriting. And last one is not international in the past years by Italians success spoiled rude not to want to present. Clearly, for a reigning European champions in each game against a European opponent a victory obligation – friendly way, friendly ago. But a test playing partners, who last beat the second-last of the B-EM indeed brave, but want to go long past glory days only care available again after top European level, offers excellent opportunity to focus above all on its own operations and at the end according to good football practice not to perform results-oriented. Especially as Austria and France so not too far from Turin are, and be the scouts of the other European World Cup participants interested observers.

get to see they are a German team in which only 18 players were already in the Euro squad, 2010, from the Starting Defense of the European Championship finals are just two players with them, and on offense is quarterback Dennis Zimmermann (Braunschweig) is the only , who also worked at the triumph against France alone sailed into the Frankfurt Commerzbank-Arena. Joachim Ullrich (Marburg), which he shared at the European Championships the post of master playmaker is missing, for professional reasons, which on one hand Zimmermann is the renewed opportunity to recommend to Ullrich as an alternative to long-time veteran, and offers other room, the other Quarterbacks nominated Robert Demers (Dusseldorf), Dennis Kucynski (Hamburg) and Gary Lautenschlager (Munich) more closely in the squad. Among the 45 nominated players are masters of Kiel, with seven players, the most numerous contingent, and continue to be the coaches are loyal to the GFL 2 to keep in focus: Nine players from second division will be here again, which is similar to those of a year, considering that the four top second division last year’re now promoted to the GFL.


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    Con grads to the whole team but big up to these guys !!!!

    Sean Averhoff LB Marburg Mercenaries
    Daniel Berg RB Langenfeld Longhorns
    Marcel Duft WR Wiesbaden Phantoms
    Hemaseh Heidary WR Berlin Adler
    Daniel McCray LB Saarland Hurricanes

    February 9, 2011 at 4:20 pm

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