More Bolds Steps To Come For Demarius !!!!!

As one of the newest faces in the league, Demarius Bolds is something of an unknown quantity for most fans and with that in mind, BBL writer Paul Nilsen took it upon himself to find out more about the Prestige Homes MK Lions star who is one of the few players to have played in Kosovo!

Demarius Bolds hails from East St Louis, Illinois and had it not been for one women in particular in the local community, he might have been swinging a bat rather than having a post dunk swing on the hoop.

“I come from East. St. Louis, Illinois. I started off playing baseball at a very young age, when I was just 6 years old. My uncle was the coach of a team that my older brother and older cousin played on and at the time, I was too young to play so I just practiced with the team and I was better than most of the guys on the team even though they were older!”

“So, when I got old enough to play, my mother put me on a team that would practice close to our house because she had to work and the coach would not have a problem taking me home.”

“The league was called the Jackie Robinson Khoury League after Jackie Robinson who was actually a very famous baseball player.”

“I grew up in some projects that were near a recreation centre called the Leslie Bates Davis Neighbourhood House and so to stay out of trouble, me and my older brother went there every day and that is how I really got into playing basketball”

“A lady by the name of Theresa Cole started a basketball team at the centre and taught me the basics of basketball. I was always the smallest on the team but the quickest, so by the time I made it to the 4th grade I could try-out for my school team and I made it which really built my confidence and I been playing ever since.”

When it comes to growing up, Bolds is quick to acknowledge those who had the biggest influence on him and made sure he stayed on the right path to give him the best chance of a College and pro-career in the game.

“My heroes are Linda Smith my mother because she raised me and my older brother by herself and did an excellent job. She kept us out of trouble by keeping us in sports and made sure she made it to all of our games on the days she could make it.”

“Also, Darius Smith my older brother. When my mother had to work, he was the one that looked after me and kept me out of trouble. He made sure I ate because he was greedy so he was always going to eat, whereas I was the opposite and didn’t want to eat. I just always wanted to be outside all day and playing around.”

Bolds explain his time at Missouri Western College as a great experience. In fact ask him what it meant to be at the institution and his answer is very humbling.”

“It was the first time of my life that I felt like I was actually somebody.”

“I had everything and did not have any worries and my wonderful coaches in Head coach Tom Smith and assistant coach Mike Nicholson both made sure that I was taken care of.. We always packed the house for home games and we did work in the community which always helped in attendance because fans love you when you are great on the court and an even better person off it.”

As with most College players, they dream of a route into the pro game an that normally means a job overseas which Bolds managed to land in the mecca of basketball – namely Lithuania. If that was something of an unusual first stop, then his next would be even more off the beaten track.

“Yes, playing in Lithuania was my first professional job. I loved the competition and the fans! It was a good experience for me because that was my first time abroad.”

“Kosovo was my next stop and that was an interesting place and I loved every minute of it. I was the only African American in the city I was based in and so every time I went out anywhere, the people were staring and taking pictures of me.”

“The fans were incredible, they filled the Arena up for every game and even gave me the nickname Super Bolds! They used to yell it every time I touched the ball, make a shot, or do anything good.”

“They made me feel like Michael Jordan. The little kids use to attack me after the games wanting hugs, pictures and to touch my hair. Yes, Kosovo was amazing and the competition was pretty good too, we ended the season in third place in the league and lost in the play-off semi-finals.”

The player has plenty of friends playing sport in Europe too and he likes to keep track of their progress.

“I have a friend by the name of Jamaal Jonas that plays American football in Germany, and in April he will be starting his third year and he loves it in Germany. I have a friend named Darius Miles who has been playing in the NBA since 2000.”

“I also have friends playing basketball across Europe. A friend named Tommie Liddell is playing in Romania right now. Jared Newson is playing in Finland, Jason Warren is playing in Lithuania and he also shared the experience with me at Missouri Western.”

Now of course he is ready to try and help Lions claim a play-off spot and even though he has only played a handful of minutes, his first impressions of the BBL have been good and he already knows about how competitive the league is.

“The BBL is a great league and I think the competition is underrated over in Europe. I have only played three games so far and if you don’t come to play every game no matter what the rank of the team, you will lose and that is good for the league.”

Away from the court, no matter where he is based, Bolds doesn’t change his philosophy. It’s still about going back to his roots, the importance of family and his initial love of baseball still reign supreme – as does his desire to make the most of the opportunity he has been given to play a sport professionally.

“I love baseball and American football. I like listening to rap music. I am a very humble and laid back kind of guy so if I’m not playing or watching sports, I spend a lot of time with family and friends. My 4 year old and 1 year old daughter already sit and watch sports with me all day long.”

What drives me on in life is the fact that I came from nothing, so I always had to work hard for what I have. This is the reason I play like I have a chip on my shoulder.”

“Now I have three children and a wife to take care of, so it’s a lot of people that are depending on me not only too make their lives much easier but they also want to see me succeed because they know how much I love the sport of basketball and how much work I put in.”

“I am hoping that the future which awaits me is very promising and much more basketball! II wouldn’t mind the really big pay days of some kind which might eventually come but to be honest, I just love the game of basketball and I wouldn’t know what to do without it.”

“Consequently I take advantage of my opportunities and never take them for granted.”


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