1st Championship in 21 years of existence!!!

With eight seconds left on the clock, the Kristiansand Gladiators spoiled the chances of the Eidsvoll 1814s back-to-back title hopes in the Norwegian championship game, beating them 24-21 on a last-second fourth-down touchdown toss into the corner of the end zone to Marcial Williamson.
The Gladiators took the lead first scoring an early touchdown to make it 6-0. Eidsvoll wasted no time after that, scoring a touchdown on the very next drive and making the PAT. Another touchdown in the first half though gave the Gladiators a 12-7 lead at the break.

Then the 1814s picked up the pace as import running back Kristin James took a hand-off from the six yard line, scampering in to the end zone on the first drive of the second half. A few minutes later, he scored again, this time from the eight, giving Eidsvoll a 21-12 lead with only with eight minutes left in the game. Kristiansand reduced the lead to 21-18 and also recovered the short kickoff giving them the ball with very little time remaining. With a mere eight seconds to go, quarterback Dimitar Sevdin , on fourth and 10, tossed a 20 yard Hail Mary into the corner of the end zone and Marcial Williamson somehow managed to hang on to the ball and take the game !!!!

2014 EFAF Crown will belong to who??

Two teams remain in the BIG6 Leauge. On Saturday, July 19th, the reigning GFL Champions Braunschweig Lions will take on the Berlin Adler in Braunschweig Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn Stadium for the 2014 EFAF European Football crown.

For the third time in the past five years, the Adler will play in the European Finale. Their one and only success came in 2010. The Lions already count two Eurobowl titles under their belt (1999, 2003). Whoever wins the BIG6 final, one German team will end the Austrian reign as European Football championship. Over the past 11 years at least one Austrian team has played in the Eurobowl, winning it 8 times. During the European Football Championships in June, Team Germany grabbed the gold medal by defeating their southern neighbor on their home soil in Vienna. Seven players on the German national team came from Braunschweig. The Adler were represented by team captain Mario Nowak (linebacker), wide receiver Danilo Naranjo Gonzalez and defensive back Mario Schmitt.

When both teams collide on Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. at Jahn-Stadium, tensions will be high. Even though the Big6final is staged in Berlin, the Adler cannot necessarily count on home-field advantage. The German Football Association, AFVD, is hosting the event, which means the home team was decided with a coin toss, making the New Yorker Lions the home team, which means they will play in their home uniforms. The Adler sideline will be opposite to the main bleachers, far away from their fans. They won’t even be allowed to dress in their usual locker room. And the Match up’s are something to take notice of. The Lions are very deep with depth.
Maybe a small advantage for Berlin will be that the Lions starting quarterback, Casey Therriault, won’t be allowed to play. The 25-year-old playmaker, who dominated the GFL last year, joined the team in mid-June, which makes him too late for the BIG6 registration deadline. With James Peterson and Mike Friese, Braunschweig’s Head Coach Troy Tomlin can count on two other experienced QBs on his roster.
Berlin’s offense will be led by quarterback Darius Outlaw a former Mizzou standout, who’s playing outstanding and hardly makes any mistakes on the field. In eight games (six GFL, two BIG6) the veteran playmaker threw for 19 touchdowns and only two interceptions, and also rushed for four touchdowns. One major concern for the Adler will be their ever-growing injury list. Starting running back Björn Dreier was hurt badly in the BIG6 semifinal against Swarco and is out for the season. On the defensive side, injury problems are even worse. Six Adler starters are questionable for Sunday’s BIG6 final. Coming back after missing two games due to a foot injury is energy bunny Conrad Meadows who everyone is looking at to have a great game. The American is one of the most important factors in Berlin’s explosive style of play. But lets not for get Lions running back Dave McCants makes a return to the Big Bad City and his former team.

Mexico’s Javi Soto


Had a chance to chat with Javi Soto of team Mexico befor todays game against Austria. Javi has started in the previous games for Mexico and looks to be in the line up today as well. Javi stated todays game will be a very hard one but him and his team are ready for battle. In Javi’s words we are ready and im ready to win!!!! I plan on giving my all today. Javi also stated that that they have seen film and he think Austria has some very great players that can play the game but like stated before Mexico will be the better team in todays match. Stay tuned in the next few weeks to hear more about the WC and Javi’s take on it.

YOU Gotta B Kidding Me !!!!!

I must be lucky????? Hell no not at all that’s what insurance is for to take care of a injured player right? at least that’s what I thought so how could I be lucky. I came to Germany walking,running and jumping right? So why would u send me home hurt with a big space boot on??? why ill tell you unloyal. I have heard over the past weeks no teams in germany take care of their hurt players lol really you gotta be kidding me ive been over here for 6 seasons not 1 so I have ran across my fair share of teams that have taking great care of their falling solders. In one case a team kept a guy for half the winter meaning OFF SEASON so he could rehab and leave like he came under his own ability. So coaches, players ,presidents answer me this if your reading. Do you think its right to bring over players to use them to better your program some times bring them into your family but when things go south and they maybe can’t perform you dis own them? do you not take care of them? why would you get insurance if you dont want to let them use it ????? I think that’s totally WRONG !!!!!! And all imports need to really talk about this in the future with teams they are dealing with. Because going some where and them not wanting to live up to their end can really screw a lot up. And the biggest screw up will be your health which is most important in life. For guys that’s never been to Europe to play ball it’s not as bad as you might be thinking from some of the things i write. I love it over here its just you have to find the right people that will stay true no matter what and that’s a hard thing to do. …… 2013 i was pretty much the best damn player on D. I proved to them and a lot of others that i still got gas in the tank and that i was legit. i even was asked to come back for this 2014 season mid season 2013 and i showed my loyalty and told them yes i will return. I gave my comment and stayed true to the RAMS. But as we all see now everyone is making it as they are doing me a huge favor by letting me use the insurance that i have to get better!!! *no that’s whats its for* but i plan to use it why i got it and go back home the way i came to them in good health. Stay tuned cause im sure its much more to come and from now own out I will be voicing my thoughts more !!!!!! STAY TUNED

Brazil and Panama to battle for last spot in the 2015 WC’s

Brazil will face Panama in Panama for last spot of the IFAF WC. The winner will enter the fifth edition of the IFAF World Championships. The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBFA) and the American Football Federation of Panama (AFFP) are now in negotiations to find the right date and time to schedule the confrontation that will decide which team will have the spot in the 2015 IFAF World Championship.The 2015 World Championships will now have twelve teams from five continents, thats an increase of four teams compared to last the World Championship played in Austria in 2011.

2 of the WFA’s best teams to faceoff!

Two of the best teams in the WFA will face off for a playoff battle. The Titans of Kansas City and the Surge of San Diego, both teams are ranked in the top 5 on both sides of the ball. The Surge has a very high powered O racking up around 63 points a game and the D just about holding teams to just a field goal. The Surge is lead by QB Melissa Gallegos who’s just under 827 passing yards and about 19, and the D of the Surge will be held down from the back end by Melissa Strother who’s pretty good in coverage. As for KC they are heading in focused and ready to add to the list of teams that will REMEMBER THE TITANS!!!. The Titans star QB Katie Sowers will be missing her better half for the second week of action as sister Liz Sowers was not cleared. Sowers is hands down the best QB in the WFA, throwing for over a 1000 yards and some ground yards to go along. And missing Liz who has hauled in 300+ of those yards receiving will be the biggest blow. KC also has the best Running back in the WFA, Taylor Hay. Hay comes to the Titans from the St.Louis Slam. Taylor was an electrifying player there and she brought that with her to KC. averaging about 13 yards a pop Taylor broke the 1000 yard mark with under 80 attempts. Shes a small compact runner that’s hard to bring down, not only because of her size but her toughness. The surge D will also have to keep an eye on 2 way star Kaylee Neutzling who is ranked as a top 20 Wide out in the WFA! and not to mention one of the best safeties in the WFA. Kaylee who leads the team and league in INTS also have a crew of go gettas. The Titans D is lead by leading tackler Ree Graves and Cierra Childress,Ree and Cierra are two of the most aggressive female athletes ive seen. If the ball is around you can bet 9 out of 10 times they are in the area. Sack masters Alana Fields and Lanie Ford will most def give the Surge QB a hard day at the office.

2 Top Football Exercises

Resisted High Knees:
Why do it: Resisted speed drills help to improve sprint technique and stride length. To drive through the resistance, you must open up your hips to rapidly strike the ground with each stride.

How to do it: Rapidly drive your knees up in an opposite-arm, opposite leg, pattern while a partner applies band resistance from behind.

Sets/Distance: 4×15-20 yards

Why do it: Bounding helps to reinforce muscle synchronization; in other words, it ensures that your speed muscles are firing explosively and in the correct sequence. Simply put, bounding is an easy-to-perform exercise that produces sophisticated results.

How to do it:

In continuous fashion, bound from one leg to the other
Cover as much ground as possible with each rep, working on driving your feet into the ground underneath your body

Sets/Reps: 2×5 each leg


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