Ashley Dixon breaks down the difference between lingerie leagues & full padded leagues


We had a chance to chat with one of the nations top rugby players who plays division 1 women’s club rugby. The highest level you can compete at before you are a member of team USA. This amazing young woman has been playing football for 2 years now. Ashley Dixon plays football just to stay in shape for rugby which is her true sport. After leaving one Texas team Ashley previously played for the Houston Power and the Houston Lady Eagles this past year in which both teams went to the playoffs. I asked about some of Ashley’s off season goals and she replied: My off season goal is to win a rugby national title. We finished in the Elite 8 with a 9-1 record last year. Football is like a mistress to me but rugby is my wife. Rugby comes first no matter what. I don’t like to think about football too much until rugby is over. And they start preparing for the season in August with the first regular season match jumping off in November and the season lasting till May. What many dont know is that we have two very large womens football leagues. Very few people know about the two biggest women’s football leagues in the US. The WFA and the IWFL but almost everyone knows about the LFL. And I played in the WFA  women’s football alliance. Which is a full pad league unlike the other two that were lingerie styled football leagues. That’s full contact just much smaller uniforms. And this was great because we have had debates in the past about lingerie leagues vs full padded leagues. My oilers team was the closest to a LFL team, we were compensated and the girls had to have a certain look to make the team. We also signed a contract that talked about our weight and other things of that nature. This might seem sexiest to most, but to the league and the women in it in Ashley’s words.
Yes, but basically no uglies or fatties allowed. Obviously worded differently but I’m sure you understand what I’m saying. Which translates into having similarly built women all playing different positions, when in football different body types excel at different positions. It’s kinda tough but that’s the marketing part of it. How do you feel about being exploited? Are is balling more important than the image these lingerie teams give. We are exploited for capital gain by our owners but the girls do it mostly because they love to Ball the other leagues are basically pay-to-play because there aren’t enough sponsors. For example the Houston Energy  went to the IWFL championship game last year. They played the Pittsburgh Passion. They played at a neutral site in South Carolina for a championship game, those player had to figure out how they were traveling to the game, gas hotels etc. They also have to have a 1000 dollar sponsorship to play anyway. Most people just pay out of pocket. Probably 15% of those girls or less actually have found avenues that they get the money donated to them. Butttt if u play on a lingerie styled team everything is paid for. We always have team busses and per diems for food etc. plus at the end of the game someone gives u a couple hundred dollars. If I were a millionaire or even made 6 figures or something that stuff wouldn’t matter to me.
But if I’m taking off time from work to ball it’s nice to know I’m not gonna financially kill myself to do so. Some my find the women of the IWFL and the WFA are the ones that love to ball, the ones with passion for the game. they may not be millionaires, or even making six figures but they sacrifice their body and job going out every practice and game day. And some my find these lingerie leagues to be a disgrace to football and most importantly women. But like Ashley said:
It may be, but everyone has their price for almost everything under the sun…



Dutch Lions and running back Chris Smith survived a close 1


Chris Smith Lions RB

On Saturday October 18th in Girona, Spain the All Star team of Catalonia took on Team Holland also known as the Dutch Lions. In a game were many assumed the Lions should dominate, Catalonia had many key players from Team Spain. Head coach Xus Fernandez from the Badalona Dracs brought along his quarterback Sergi Gonzalo and also another one of Spain’s top quarterbacks Ramon Figueroa from the Pioners. But head coach Winston Ronde and defensive coordinator Steve Sheppard have put together a talented lion squad that know each other well. Quaterback Richard Bouthoorn from the Dutch champs Alphen Eagles has started every game for Holland since 2012. In the backfield to complement Richard is Eagles teammate running back Chris Smith who is a threat catching out of the backfield and was a dominating factor in the Czech game.

Chris Smith:
The ball players they had wasnt our biggest problem. Their were times we shot ourselves in the foot by making some mistakes. It was a great game all around, but it wasnt easy. We had to pull through and show discipline on both offense and defence troughout the whole game.
Luckily thats exactly what we did so we could get the win. I felt great running the ball and the o line did a great job at creating gaps I could run through. I felt satisfied with my game play by being able to bring the offense in scoring position so the recievers could end the drives with touchdowns.
The National team will keep on building and making preperations for the European cup and i’m thinking bout playing for a team in the GFL or elsewhere in Europe this 2015 Chris last stated. Smith and the Lions took home a 36-26 win over Catalonia in their 25th anniversary celebration game. We would like to wish Chris and his team’s the best in 2015!


2014 All GFL Team


ISN is pleased to announce this years 2014 All GFL Team!!.

J.Sottilare FK
S.Jackson AC
Z.Cavanaugh TJ
P.Mattison LC

M.Sims SHU
G.Dixon SH
L.Barthelmess SS
T.Deed DM
M.Davis CGC
A.Lindley RR
G.Barth BG
J.Duhaney HI

M.Edmonds SS
C.Hafels AC
B.Kohn AC
P.Donahue LC
C.Harms LC
R.Rioux DM
F.weigel SS
J.Joyner FK

A.Mofondo AC
D.Donaldson DM
P.Motzki SH
C.Slater MM
M.Schimpfhauser MC
A.Chappuis DM
M.Haselbach BB
A.Hall BB
M.Lindner KW
K.Frischmann KW
S.Guenaltay KE

R.Newell MC
A.Rosette AC
T.Feser FK
K.Homri BL
K.Ellison SH
N.Reyna RR
N.Wiggins TJ
J.Silva Gomez DD
N.Witt LC
S.Bsharat HH



T.Goebel BL
P.Floeser SS
T.Kreuzer WP
M.Saine HH

C.Waldemer KW

Swiss National Team Seeking Revenge


Tomorrow the match between the national teams of Serbia and Switzerland will face off in Winterthur in Deutweg Stadium. Kickoff is at 14 o’clock, the entrance fee is 10 euros. This will be the third time meeting between the two teams. In 2007 Switzerland clearly won with 32:19 but 5 years later the Serbs were in the final of the European Championship and took that game 20:14 successfully and thus increased there reputation, while Switzerland lost a bit of respect . Amazingly football was organized in Serbia but around 2003 and in 2005 started being played on a larger scale, where in Switzerland American Football is actively played since the 80’s. So now for the Alps Warriors the chance of power again is in sight. The Swiss national team had multi-day training camp from which extended over two weekends in Winterthur. The Winterthur Head Coach Antonio Morisco took the coaching job in the defense of the national team, which made Warriors team manager Alice Malherbe responsible for the organization of the camp. Switzerland will rely rookie quarterback Dea Baumann. Baumann at 6’3 220 has the size to take off when needed and can also make all the necessary throws. Baumann surprised everyone this past season with his poise and ability to manage the game when he took over for injured Cedric Townsend of the Calanda Bronco. Baumann will have two outstanding targets to throw at. Brian Keene with his 6’4 frame and soft hands should be a can’t miss, and Wes Welker like Adrian Suenderhauf at 6 foot catches everything in his area. The Serbians office is led by 21 year old running back Mihajlo Josovic of the Vukovi Belgrade. In last years group B championships he rushed for 236 yards and 2 touchdowns in just three games and will be the focal point of the Serbs offense.
Michael Snyder

CAFL News!!!


Beijing China – Shenyang, one of the last  Chinese universities to start a CAFL football program, at the top at the end.

The program, only founded just 3 months ago, showed tremendous growth over the course of the tournament, and found themselves in Saturday’s championship game against a Hebei team that had not been challenged all week. The mood was as dramatic as the game itself.  Perfect blue sky on a 88-degree day. The game was as heated as the weather, and so were the young players, who were playing organized competition for the first time.

In a wild first quarter, with rugged play and hard hitting, the official crew was put to the test, when both benches emptied after a hard hitting collision. Three key Hebei players were ejected, one player was tossed for Shenyang. The brawl seemed to inspire the underdogs. They trailed Hebei most of the way, but the teams were never separated by more than 9 points. In a wild fourth quarter, Shenyang grabbed their first lead. They held on to win the first CAFL China Collegiate Championship 46-42.

University of Montreal quarterback named Offensive Player of the Week


The University of Montreal quarterback Gabriel Cousineau has been named CIS offensive player of the week. Gabriel has had a series of great performances but his performance in the 36-3 victory over Concordia Saturday was big. Completing 85% of his passes Gabriel was 23 for 27 with 300 yard. Gabriel is ranked the top quarterback in CIS averaging 287 yards a game. After a stint of five consecutive victories the Carabins have a bye week. They return to action Saturday October 25th at Coulter Field vs the 1-4 Bishop Gaiters.

Sorce M.Dauphinais

Tragedy Strikes!


Sad day for the football world former NFL , European star Aki Jones passed away do to a fatal car accident. Our prayers are with his family and friends! Aki will truly be missed, your in our hearts big guy. Sleep in peace.

Champs Again!


The Schw.Hall Unicorns gave it their all in last nights German Bowl. In front of about 13 thousand at Jahn Sportspark in Berlin the New Yorker Lions had the task of defending their 2013 championship. The game quickly got out of hand for Hall, after a field goal by F.Brenner. The Lions was first put on the scoreboard with a 12 yard TD run by McCants. The Unicorns seemed to not be in this game at all , with one of the leagues best rushing attacks Hall was held to only 48 yards. All 48 racked up by Sims. QB Mark Ehrenfried was a decent 17-28 what killed him was the 3 ints he tossed up to Lion defenders. Lions Tberriault had similar numbers going 18-28 with 0 picks for 210 yards. With only 1 touchdown through the air 6 came by ground. Dave McCants had 3 of those 6 as he had a very productive night with 12 rushes for 56 yards. Mike Andrew added 11 for 36 yards and 2 touchdowns and rushing leader QB Casey Therriault picked up 97 yards on 6 carries and added a td to the mix. The Lions out rushed the Unicors 195 to 48. Dable would be the Lions most productive receiver hauling in 7 catches for 79 yards and a td. Defense would be the dominating factor for the Lions, Homri lead the attack with 7 tackles and a interception. 2 more big interceptions came from Ihi and Lebeau who also had a big fumble recovery. The Lions reached the red zone 7 times and capitalize 7 times all with touchdowns, the Unicorns on the other hand would be 1-1 scoring only a field goal. this year’s German Bowl displayed the strength of the North compared to the South. The Lions have found a formula that works and they’ve continued to build with these same ingredients. And from the looks of things will continue to build. In my opinion if the Lions stay with the same structure they will be champs for the next 3 seasons. Hall is seen as the strongest team in the South Division and they were dominated so the South as a hole must step up the competition. The North Division is a tad bit stronger with teams like Dreaden, Berlin and Kiel all being strong competitors. This offseason will be big in terms of what teams do to compete with the Lions in 2015.



From the Mid-West 2 the Middle East !!!


ISN exclusive with Demarius Bolds professional basketball player from East St.Louis ,IL. After a lengthy career of playing overseas Bolds is seen to many as a veteran in this game. In 2014 Bolds returned home from Greece mid season due to an injury and could not help his team in the playoff run but returning home wasn’t all so bad Bolds had the chance to spend some quality time with his family and new born bundle of joy. Steady focused on his career in early October Bolds set out to play in the Middle East (Iraq). And this would be the opportunity Bolds has been looking for throughout his career.
Bolds stated that his first couple days in Iraq was better than he expected. He expected a third world country with alot of racism and poor people. He arrived there and instantly noticed the people are very nice to him and always want to take pictures even the military he said. Bolds said he definitely didn’t expect to see so many nice american cars in this country. And the first thing family and friends questioned him about is hows the food is? The food is no different from the states or even Europe, in Bolds opinion.  So far Demarius experience in Iraq have been nothing but positive and hopefully it stays that way he said. The first practice in Iraq was a lot tougher than he had imagined it would be. They did nothing but drills Bolds said, “my legs were hurting for days.” Bolds joins a already strong team that lost in the finals last season, but as he stated  hopefully I’m the missing piece to help get that Championship. I really like our team because they are very hard workers, no one complains, and everybody is positive and don’t talk down on other teammates. I think we will build good chemistry and have a very successful season.

Women’s Football Making History!!!!

Now that IFAF Europe is set and ready to go, it’s time to do work. One of the major events planned is the first ever Women’s European Championship which will take place in the beautiful country of Spain.

This will be a historic event for American football in Europe since this will be the first ever women’s championship played. We wish the Spanish Federation all the best in organizing this historic event. I am sure they will do a great job and that they will justify our hosting decision.

The Championship will take place from August 1st – 9th, 2015. at the stadium/sports complex La Nucia in Benidorm, with nearby international airports of Alicante and Valencia. FEFA will make sure its hosting rights are fulfilled to the highest level, and they are already working on preparing everything for the national teams – who can expect to receive the applications very soon.

FEFA’s president, Mr. Enrique Garcia de Castro knows there’s a lot of work ahead for not just him, but the whole Federation, the Spanish Federation (FEFA) has been honored by IFAF Europe to host the first ever Women’s European Championship next summer in Spain. It is a great challenge we will carry out with enthusiasm and as the President of the Federation, I can promise you an unforgettable championship. We want to welcome all teams, athletes, technicians and staff who will enjoy the games in our country. It is really a historic event and we thank IFAF Europe for the confidence in our Federation to organize this championship. Women teams have shown that they are on a great level of football all over Europe and it is time to have the Women’s European Championship. We are waiting for all of you next summer. Welcome to Spain!

We would love to encourage all women’s national teams to apply for this historical event and help spread the word about the amazing sport we call American football.



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